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New adventures!


Sitting on the train from Rome to Venice, I thought to myself that now is as good a time as any to write my very first blog. I’m not a natural blogger, to be fair I’ve never blogged before in my life but having almost 6 spare hours on a train when you’ve forgotten to bring a good book can turn anyone to writing a blog, even me.

Welcome to my new adventure, Sohni Rai Weddings & Events! It has been a dream for years to launch my own wedding & event planning business, and now, finally, I feel I am ready to do take that all important step! It also helps having support in the form of my amazing husband!

As I watch the beautiful Italian scenery from the train, I can’t help but think about all that Italy and the world beyond has to offer. We travel to experience new ways of life - different foods, different people, different cultures - all unique and beautiful in their own special ways.

It’s much the same with weddings and events, in that different people have different ideas of how they want their special day to be.

Whether it’s a small intimate event celebrated with a handful of very close loved ones, or a more lavish event on a larger scale, celebrating big with lots of family and friends, either way it’s up to the individual - and we’re on hand to offer a helping hand whatever the choice.

Some people prefer to hold their event abroad, and seeing the delights Italy has to offer, that’s not a bad idea. Destination weddings and events are growing in popularity and this is something we could help plan for you, if that’s what you’d prefer.

Having seen what beautiful Rome has to offer I am now on my way to Venice, called by many a ‘living piece of art’. The Italians certainly know their art that’s for sure. The paintings in the Sistine Chapel and St Peters Basilica were breath-taking, so much history and beauty to take in, and my mind was going into overdrive with ideas for event styling! I would love to style a renaissance inspired event one day, that would be epic.

Having never been to Venice I am looking forward to taking in the sights. Hoping to take a trip on the infamous gondola too! And of course, enjoy some of that Venetian pasta & wine - well, I am on holiday.

I’ll leave you with this for now - the world is a big, beautiful place, get out there and have your own adventure, you never know what you may discover!

Arrivederci! x

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